Welcome to My World

kevin-nelsoncropped4 My name is Kevin Nelson, and I write about lots of different things.

I am the author of eighteen books. My latest is Wheels of Change: From Zero to 600 M.P.H., The Amazing Story of California and the Automobile, which will be published in November 2009 by Heyday Books and the California Historical Society Press.

My previous book is Operation Bullpen: The Inside Story of the Biggest Forgery Scam in American History, which is currently being developed into a movie. The book is about a national forgery ring that ripped off American consumers for $100 million.

Another book of mine, The Golden Game: The Story of California Baseball, was named one of the top ten books of 2004 by the San Francisco Chronicle, National Public Radio, and many other media. It was a national finalist for the prize awarded to the best baseball book of the year.

My book, The Runner’s Book of Daily Inspiration, has been translated internationally and is a best-selling motivational book for runners.

I have also written extensively about fatherhood. My Everything Father-to-Be Book: A Survival Guide for Men is now being updated and a new second edition will be out next year.

It’s a mixed bag all right. Welcome to my world.


2 responses to “Welcome to My World

  1. Ted

    Why not do another daily inspiration for golfers but with new facts and stories. Many things have changed in the game of golf in the last 12 years. From players to equipment to even the way golf courses are being built or redone. There can be many new inspirations to write. Just a thought from someone who has read and reread your book many times over. Thanks.

  2. Don Lundahl

    Berndt was my counsellor. When did you graduate?

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