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Magazine Excerpt of Operation Bullpen

Autograph Magazine is running an excerpt from Operation Bullpen: The Inside Story of the Biggest Forgery Scam in American History in its current issue. Read it here.


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Interesting World, I’ll Say!

After reading my recent post how Japanese novelist-turned-agent Yukari Watanabe Scott is using blogging and other new media to sell Operation Bullpen to Japanese publishers, magazine editor Kimberly Cole writes,

“I enjoyed your recent post, ‘Bullpen Going Japanese?’ My daughter is a novelist finishing up her MFA in Creative Writing at University of Virginia. She wrote a novel two years ago that has generated some interest among agents, but no takers. It’s a little on the short side, and a little on the “hard to market” side, in that the protagonist is an adolescent, but the subject matter is a little too rough for most YA publishers.

“Anyway, she just got a contract from an Australian imprint of Simon & Schuster that is publishing books in a serialized format. Each month, the author “blogs” about the upcoming chapter and readers can send in questions, suggestions, etc.  At the end of the novel, they publish the hardback using the web site traffic/commentary as a preliminary marketing push. Interesting world for writers these days.”

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