Real-Time Reports from On the Road: Day One

Hanks Vista signYesterday we traveled from our home in the Bay Area to Sun River in central Oregon, and here is my real-time (okay, so I’m a day late) report on our doings:

Highlights: In Dorris, California (pop. 886, on Highway 97), near the border of Oregon, we saw the world’s tallest flagpole, 200 feet high. Dorris also has two bars, one gas station and one public toilet, behind the City Hall building.

More highlights: A semi truck hit a sheriff’s car, stranding the car in the middle of the highway. Then, a second semi carrying a load of lumber crashed on the highway and caught fire, burning its trailer up. We saw its charred remains as we drove past. Just after this, we saw yet another semi-truck tipped over completely on its side by the side of the highway.
On the radio in Oregon: Country, country, Christian and more country.
In eight-plus hours of travel time, this is what four human beings—two adults, two children—consumed: two Squirt lemon drinks, two Snapple ice teas, three Odwalla mango smoothies, one Starbucks hot tea, one bran muffin, six English muffins (two with cream cheese and jelly, four with peanut butter and jelly), two cinammon rolls, four pickles, ten apricots, four cookies, one banana, ½ bag taco chips, four sandwiches (two turkey and cheese, one roast beef and cheese, one peanut butter and jelly), and several sticks of gum.

We turned off  Highway 97 around noon and found a dirt road on a ridge overlooking Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon. The road is called Hanks Marsh Vista, and we threw a sleeping bag on the ground and had picnic lunch.

On Hanks Vista



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6 responses to “Real-Time Reports from On the Road: Day One

  1. I liked the blog entry very much.


    Hank 🙂

  2. Max

    It’s nice to have pass named after you.

    Nelson Family,
    Nutrion 101 at its best.


  3. Have a great rest of your trip! Hope the boys can get together when you get back! Tell Jennifer Hi for me!

  4. Lillian Kaiser

    Dear Kevin, delighted to receive your dispatches from the road. Your reports will now be in first place
    on my list of daily newspaper reads just above the
    NYT, Boston Globe, Jerusalem Post, Ha’aretz, London Times, Irish Times, Irish Independent, National Catholic Reporter, Philadelphia Inquirer,
    Cleveland Plain Dealer and of course the Murky News. I read all of these first and then the blogs (which is why the blogs don’t often get read!). So you see, you have some stiff competition. I love your detailed lists of what you have seen, the
    signs you have read, what you are eating and
    especially the road traffic. By the way, what color
    were those semis?

    Hugs and kisses to all from the Druid Queen.

  5. Peytie Schuler

    Kevin and Jen, I really need to know how to make peanut butter & jelly english muffins whilst driving a car with 2 kids, often having to swerve around crashed semis . . . it conjures up a very funny scene! Have fun!!

  6. Dan Crouch

    Wait till the boys become teenagers; then you’ll see some serious eating. I remember my dad practically muzzling my brother and me to keep the food budget down. Dan

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