Priceless Writing Tips for Free: Observe Hemingway’s Dictum

Hemingway as a young manHemingway’s dictum for better writing was simple: Run it through the typewriter one more time. We no longer have typewriters but the advice is still sound.

Almost without fail a second draft is better than a first: shorter, smoother and less of a burden on your reader’s attention. What, you don’t have the time to write well? For this item I went through three drafts. 1) I wrote my thoughts down on a legal pad. 2) I typed up the piece on my Powerbook. 3) I left it for a moment, came back and made a few last edits, and I was done.  The whole process took twenty minutes.
Your next paper or report or article can be better than the last one you wrote. Just send it through the word processor one more time.


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