More Inappropriateness, and an “Awww” moment

Lest there be concern that I am abandoning The Dangerous Quest for The Dangerous and Inappropriate Quest, well, I don’t think so. I’m not sure where any of this is leading me, frankly, although I can see how well-intentioned men and women might disagree on what is appropriate, or not, for their children. For instance, Scott Lynn confesses that he has taught his three-year-old son James how to intentionally belch, and that the two of them have engaged in father and son belching contests. As you might suspect, Mom is not entirely pleased with these developments. Unlike with arm farts, Gabe and Hank seemed to have learned how to intentionally belch without my guidance, although—and this is the first time I have ever confessed this in public, and you will find this information nowhere else on the World Wide Web—I am a champion intentional belcher. Although “champion” may be overstating the case a little, since I have never entered any formal burping contests and do not in fact know if any such contests exist. But I feel confident that I could easily handle James in a competitive belch-out, although I am not so sure about his father. In any case I am waiting for the exact right time to reveal this hidden talent to my sons and my guess it will be a moment when my wife is not around.

One of the loveliest things about The Dangerous Quest is that many of our activities take place over time. Like creating a homemade battery (read here) or making crystals, planting sunflowers, and identifying trees in our neighborhood (all things we’re doing or have done, although I haven’t had a chance to write them up yet), Hank, Gabe and I are taking on challenges that can extend over days and weeks, even months. So it is with Gabe and his cloud photography. So far in his quest to take pictures of different cloud formations, the eight-year-old junior Ansel Adams has snapped cumulonimbus clouds (see here) and altocumulus and stratus (and here).  Now here’s a cirrus to add to his list, taken on a recent outing to Clear Lake:

Cirrus by Gabe

See there’s nothing inappropriate here. Everyone say “Awwwww.”

Feeling the need to get current with The Dangerous Quest? Click right here, and you can see all our amazing adventures and challenges, from beginning to now.


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