So You Think You Know Hayward? Take the Test

KLN 1971 Yearbook(Note: Anyone who does not live in Hayward or who has never lived there may happily skip this post.) I grew up in Hayward, California, a city of about 150,000 people on the eastern shores of San Francisco Bay. When I was living there, as a boy, there were some 98,000 or 99,000 people in town. I can remember driving past the city limit signs in the back seat of my parents’ car and thinking, “How come we can’t break 100,000? Aren’t we good enough? And what happens if we do get past it, will they get new signs?”

I joined Facebook a few months ago, and one of the more unexpected (and pleasant) consequences of this is that I find myself getting back in touch with Hayward people and ex-Hayward people I haven’t seen or talked to in decades since I graduated from high school. I’m also connecting electronically with other Hayward and ex-Hayward-ites whom I didn’t know then but am getting to know, a little bit, by being Facebook pals. I know, too, that people from Hayward are dialing into this blog because one of the most popular posts to date was my remembrance of former Hayward man Bill Evers (read it here).

Therefore, in a blatant attempt to pander to a growing segment of this audience (did I mention that it’s free to subscribe?), I am unveiling my “So You Think You Know Hayward?” quiz. The questions are based on information gleaned from the websites of the Hayward Area Historical Society, the City of Hayward, other sources, and inside my skull (which is not yet accessible by Google). For the Answers, go to here.

1. Name the most famous graduate of Hayward Union High School? (Hint: He was a genius.)
2. What is/was the nickname for Hayward’s downtown shopping street?
3. The Rock, professional wrestler turned movie star, is a Hayward native. His birth name, please.
4. How much does a Baby Burger weigh?
5. Jack Del Rio played for Hayward High and is now coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Name his Farmer teammate and friend who is now the first Asian American to manage a professional baseball team.
6. These two brothers founded this C Street fruit-packing cannery that closed in the ’80s. What was their last name?
7. What is the official city flower of Hayward? (Hint: A boy might wear it in the lapel of his tux at the senior prom.)
8. Hayward’s first city name was not Hayward but rather the name of a city that now borders it. What was this Spanish name?
9. The venerable Hayward eaterie with the same name as a ghost.
10. Name the sly-sounding funk bass player who lived for a time in Hayward.
11. 2009 is the 100-year anniversary of the founding of this saintly Hayward church.
12. What future president of the United States running for governor spoke in front of Old City Hall in Hayward in 1962?

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8 responses to “So You Think You Know Hayward? Take the Test

  1. Denise Engeldinger-Croghan

    Hey Kevin! Great questions :) I am so glad you are enjoying Facebook and that I was your “cornerstone”! I’m loving it too :) Much love to you and all of yours, Denise

  2. Mary Williams

    It’s probably not horrible that I don’t know that much about Hayward. I got one question right (Casper’s) and guessed another (All Saints).

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  4. Gail

    Kevin, told my mom about your quiz. 1st one being Walsh. She said, “I thought so! I don’t know why Hayward has not built that up more.” She said she has mentioned it to several who never heard that.

    Yeah, Bill Walsh only time I really watched football.

  5. Hey Kev, thanks for the great quiz! You stumped me on half of them. By the way, Bill Walsh’s wife was a teacher at my HS, SUNSET. Go NINERS!!!!! Let me add three more questions:
    13. What is the “Haystack’s” claim to fame in the SODA world?
    14. Hayward’s most famous Platinum Recording artist?
    15. Hayward’s Olympic Gold Medalist is?






    13. Shasta
    14. Rapper Spice 1 (three Platinum albums)
    15. Kristi Yamaguchi

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